The Islamic society of greater Salt Lake will not facilitate Qurbani (uḍḥiyyah) this year on its property due to COVID-19. We encourage everyone to make their own private arrangements. Thanks for your understanding. JazakaAllah

Eid Mubarak Since there were no credible moonsighting reports in North America, Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has completed 30 days of Ramadan today and will be celebrating Eid tomorrow (Sunday). Over the past several years, we have consistently followed the local ‘North America’ Moonsighting approach. This approach is based on a Fatwa from Sheikh ibn…

The Moon was not sighted anywhere in North America and therefore Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake shall complete 30 days of Ramadan and Eid will be on Sunday inshaAllah.

Moonsighting tonight Moonsighting committee will complete the Sunnah of moonsighting and coordinate with other organizations nationwide tonight. Eid announcement will be made by 10 PM tonight. Based on scientific data, it seems that the moon will not be sighted tonight, meaning we will most likely complete 30 days of Ramadan and Eid will most likely…

..Eid results will be posted by 10 PM inshaaAllah. Most likely Eid will be on Sunday. Allah knows best.

Assalam Alaikum,   Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake follows the traditional practice of verifying crescent sighting in North America. This is rooted in the hadith of Prophet ﷺ‬ in authentic hadith “If you see the halal start the fast and if you see it break”. Since there were credible reports of moonsighting in Goodyear…



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