Please note the following events in Ramadan: 1) June 20 – Khadeeja Mosque – Community Iftar (details) 2) June 26 – Univ of Utah – MCC Weekend Seminar w/ Imam Muttahir Sabree (details) 3) July 8 – Sheraton Downtown – Grand Iftar w/ Imam Suhaib Webb (details)   Also, checkout the following links for Ramadan:…

The moon has been sighted in Florida and in Utah, which means that the first fast/sawm will be Thursday (June 18th). Taraweeh will begin at.. – 11:05 PM @ Khadeeja Mosque – 10:45 PM @ Noor MAsjid on Wednesday (June 17th) inshaa Allah Also, Iftar will be provided inshaa Allah in both mosques. Please remember…

The start of Ramadan (June 18th or June 19th) will be posted this evening (June 17th) after 8:00 PM, once the moon-sighting takes place at Khadeeja Masjid inshaa Allah.

Please download the Ramadan 2015 Calendar below. Ramadan Calendar 2015 online

Alhumdulilah, the community has now started a Fundraising Campaign on Go Fund Me for our cemetery. Please spread the word and share the link. May Allah (swt) put barakah in it. Go Fund Me link: Visit Cemetery Project Photos and Videos

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