Assalam Alaikum

A little over two years ago the current EC set an ambitious target of 37 projects. Allah SWT gave us taufeeq to complete 22 of these projects including the construction of our new cemetery. We humbly admit we could have done better. Our management is structured in a way that 14/21 members are more or less in an advisory role and 7 members of the EC look after the day to day work. Our modest accomplishments were only possible due to the extraordinary help from our brothers and sisters in the BOD and the Trust.

To serve our community better we need to formalize and increase our work force to include not only the members of BOD and Trust but also members of our community whom we appeal to join the ranks of our management in the form of Ad Hoc committees. The role of these committees are detailed below. Perhaps you will agree that our community needs and deserves what has been proposed.

Each Committee Chair will recruit from the community as many members they require to get the job done. Even though the
total number of officials will remain similar the workload will be redistributed and an element of accountability will be included. Common task of all the committee Chairs’ will be to formulate their own budget and submit it to the Finance Committee, likewise the IT committee will provide access to a virtual office to all the Committee Chairs so they can work in harmony.


Salman Masud, MD
Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake



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