Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
6:45 PM

Free community event
IT and Technical training

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Event Info

The event is for men and women and the key idea for the presentation is for people to get into IT and learn programming languages because there is big need for programmers.

Mr. Omar Malik has presented this to over 50 masajid and community centers across America. His goal is to break the barrier and fear of programming our community’s men and women, especially the youth.

No IT background is needed and Mr. Malik will show in the presentation how everyone can learn these skills iA.

The presentation will be hands on where Mr. Malik will show how proper teaching can help people learn programming skills, which tools to use, how to market oneself, and do well during interviews

People from all walks of life with benefit from this presentation.

Please attend and kindly spread the word.


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