• Moonsighting tonight

    • Moonsighting committee will complete the Sunnah of moonsighting and coordinate with other organizations nationwide tonight.

    • Eid announcement will be made by 10 PM tonight.

    • Based on scientific data, it seems that the moon will not be sighted tonight, meaning we will most likely complete 30 days of Ramadan and Eid will most likely be on Sunday. Allah knows best.

    • Why moonsighting? http://apps.utahmuslims.com/moon-sighting/moon-sighting.pdf

  • Virtual Friday Speech today

  • Virtual Eid program on Eid day

  • Donations / Zakat-ul-Fitr

    • Kindly donate generously using our new easy to use donation buttons on our website at http://www.UtahMuslims.com

    • Zakat-ul-Fitr is $10 per person and can also be paid online using the ‘Zakat Funds’ button.

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