Ramadan Mubarak

Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake is pleased to confirm that Ramadan begins tonight, April 12, 2021. This is based on credible reports of moonsighting in San Diego.

InshaaAllah, the first Taraweeh will begin tonight, April 12, 2021, after Isha.

Isha will be at 10:00 PM.

Fasting will begin tomorrow, April 13th.


  • Masks must be properly worn at ALL times! No exceptions!
  • Masks should cover nose and mouth at all times.
  • Attendees must bring their own prayer rugs.
  • Attendees must be completely asymptomatic.
  • Attendees must come with wudu / ablution. Wudu / Ablution area is only for emergencies.
  • These rules apply to all activities at all Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake facilities.
  • All other rules are available on our sign up pages linked below.

Hosting Ramadan Iftars

  • For those who have signed up for hosting Iftars at Khadeeja and Al-Noor masjid, please follow the following guidelines:
  • Iftars must be served in boxes (no exceptions).
  • There should be two boxes, one for Iftar and another for dinner.
  • Iftars should be arranged for at least 50 individuals. Individual counts may vary based on the outcome from the first few Iftars.
  • Catering should ONLY be done via Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake (not directly via restaurants). This is to ensure proper safety measures are taken and meals are delivered on-time. ISGSL will be working with approved restaurants directly. If interested in catering, please email EC@UtahMuslims.com with your cell phone number and we will contact you.
  • For catering, $500 should be paid to Islamic Society either in person or using our easy to pay General Funds option on http://www.UtahMuslims.com (please add comments to specify this is for Iftars).
  • Home-cooked meals are acceptable. Masjid kitchens can be used for meal boxing. Please clean and sanitize after each use.
  • Iftar Sponsorship sign-up (Khadeeja Masjid):
  • Iftar Sponsorship sign-up (Al-Noor Masjid):

Attending Ramadan Iftars

Taraweeh Prayers

Jumah Prayers

  • Friday prayers can ONLY be attended if the waiver below is signed. Please ensure that you read the waiver. Attendees must be symptomatic, must wear masks (properly), and bring their own prayer rugs.
  • Jumah (Friday) prayer signup is shared on our Whatsapp group weekly (on Thursdays). To join our Whatsapp group, please click: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JmG1iijsVNjBkxc3odO7Ln

Daily Prayers

Ramadan Calendar

Weekly Tafseer and Ramadan programming

Updates / Communications


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