Beginning Friday (1/14/22), the following changes and requirements will be enforced at both Khadeeja Islamic Center and Masjid Al-Noor due to the rise in covid cases. Both Mosques will now have two Jumah Prayers.

Non-compliance will force management to shut down the Mosques to protect lives.

- Face Masks are absolutely mandatory!

  • Masks must be properly worn covering nose and mouth,
  • Masks must be worn before entering,
  • Masks must be worn during prayer, and
  • Masks must be worn until after exiting the building.
  • Cloth Masks are NOT Allowed.

– Please arrive in a state of Wudu.

– Please bring your own prayer rug.

– Adults over 65 years of age are strongly encouraged to pray at home.

– Children under 16 years of age are NOT allowed.

– If you have any symptoms at all (e.g. sore throat), you MUST stay at home.

– Access to mosques will only be granted after 1:20 pm.

– Temperature checks will now be done upon entering.

– After each prayer, worshipers must leave immediately.

- First Jumah will start at 1:30 pm sharp.

- Second Jumah will start at 2:00 pm sharp.

Please note that Tafseer at Masjid Al-Noor has been suspended until further notice.

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