New House Construction Project

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake (ISGSL) has launched a new project to provide subsidized housing for our Imaam. Since this house will be built on ISGSL land, which is within walking distance of Khadeeja Mosque, this initiative will allow more time for our Imaam to teach, guide, and work on new programs for our community.

We have all experienced rising costs of living and the Imaams are no different. Rather than increase the basic salary of our Imaam, this initiative will allow us to provide subsidized housing, gain more time from our Imaam, and build a long-lasting asset for the community.

The cemetery land where this house is going to be located perhaps will not be used for graves for another hundred years. We have to use this land and the surrounding area in a purposeful manner.

This property will be entrusted (waqf) in the name of ISGSL and will appreciate over time, inshaaAllah. No contribution is too small and will InshaAllah be rewarded immensely by Allah SWT, please donate generously.

The home will consist of:

-4 bedrooms
-2 bathrooms
-2 car garage


-The estimated total cost for this project is $400,000.


-$1000 one-time or $100 monthly donations (for 10 months) for 400 individuals.


Make payable to the “Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake” mention “project name” in memo.

Online Donations (One-Time / Monthly):



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