Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake is pleased to announce that there have been verified moonsighting reports from Plano, TX and San Diego, CA. Therefore, the first day of Dhu al-Hijja will be tomorrow and *Eid will be on Wednesday*, June 28th inshaaAllah.

*Why local moonsighting?* Please click the link below for our sources including:

- Hadith in Sahih-Muslim

- Sh. Abd al Aziz bin Abdallah bin Baaz’s signed fatwa (along with more than a dozen other scholars)

- Sh. Humza Yousuf’s opinion

- Sh. Dr. Zakir Naik’s opinion

- Sh. Assim Al Hakeem’s opinion


*Eid prayers at Khadeeja Islamic Center:*

Prayer 1 – 7:00am

Prayer 2 – 8:30am

Prayer 3 – 10:00am

*Eid Celebration will be on July 1st inshaaAllah.*

Register for the Eid Celebration here:

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