Eid Announcement
Eid will be either on Wednesday or Thursday inshaaAllah. Based on scientific data, it is highly likely that the moon will be sighted tomorrow and Eid will be on Wednesday, inshaaAllah. However, the results of moonsighting in North America will be posted tomorrow evening on UtahMuslims.com and other social media accounts, inshaaAllah.

Why North America moonsighting? For our sources including a clip from Dr. Zakir Naik and a signed fatwa from Sh. Ibn Baz, please click here: http://www.utahmuslims.com/?page_id=25321

Eid Prayer
Please note that there will be three separate Eid prayers at Khadeeja Islamic Center.

Prayer 1 – 7:30am
Prayer 2 – 8:30am
Prayer 3 – 9:30am

Zakat ul Fitr
Zakat ul Fitr is $15/person and is due before Eid. It is our recommendation to find needy people to give your zakat to. If you can not, you may use the Zakat button on UtahMuslims.com to pay it. Please do not use any Masjid Expenses buttons for Zakat.

Eid Letter for Work and Schools
You may download a letter to request time-off from Work or School for Eid here: http://www.UtahMuslims.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Eid-Ul-Fitr-Letter-2024.pdf

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