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1) Install the Android or iPhone version of “MyMasjid”.
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3) That’s it! Now you can get daily praer times as soon as you launch the App.


UMCL Vaccine Clinic Schedule Khadeeja Islamic Center: Dose 1: March 5 – 12 to 4pm…

Watch here:

Kindly sign up below for Jumah (Friday) prayer. Only 50 slots are available per Masjid….

We would like to share the great news with the community. Alhamdolillah, the Executive Committee…

Asalamwalakum my Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am writing this letter here today to thank…

Assalam Alaikum,   Exercise your right to vote tomorrow at Khadeeja Islamic Center or an…

Assalam Alaikum, registration for Online Sunday School registration at the link below is now open….

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