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1) Install the Android or iPhone version of “MyMasjid”.
2) Launch the app and set your Masjid by searching for either Khadeeja Islamic Center or Masjid Al-Noor.
3) That’s it! Now you can get daily praer times as soon as you launch the App.


Eid Mubarak Since there were no credible moonsighting reports in North America, Islamic Society of…

The Moon was not sighted anywhere in North America and therefore Islamic Society of Greater…

Moonsighting tonight Moonsighting committee will complete the Sunnah of moonsighting and coordinate with other organizations…

..Eid results will be posted by 10 PM inshaaAllah. Most likely Eid will be on…

Assalam Alaikum,   Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake follows the traditional practice of verifying…



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